Brand & Communication

Brand & Communication

Brand & Communication

Finding the right message and ensuring it is delivered to the right audience is the goal of the Brand & Communication team. To achieve this, we move deftly between different markets channels and activities, which are always carefully evaluated. For example, we manage:  

Digital & off-line communication campaigns: from the social networks to Goggle, from independent trade portals to bill posting, we structure a variety of promotional actions according to the theme and the target we are aiming to impress.  

Social network management: we are the minds and the pens behind the social profiles of Garda Trentino. For posts and stories, we look for original ways of inspiring our followers.  

PR & media support activities: we find journalists and influencers who speak to our target audience and develop personalised projects with them to create emotive storytelling with a significant impact.  We offer support for all kinds of TV, newspaper and media communication projects.  

Workshops and fairs. We take part in the most interesting B2B events that fit our products to create high-value relations with the professionals of the organised trip.

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